SECURE refers to a word, ‘secure’, which means “To protect safely”.
SECURE, the brand providing hospitals with scalp and hair loss products,
will help you regain the healthy fullness and beauty of your stressed and weak scalp and hair with our effective and natural products.

SECURE is a hair loss specialized brand developed by hair loss specialized company, TRIBIS Co., Ltd. based on the opinions of hair loss specialists and relevant clinical studies.
SECURE is born with sincerity, hoping for our high quality products can prevent further hair loss and other scalp problems by filling the gaps of clinical therapies.
By reflecting Doctors’ hope for supporting patients to get appropriate treatments without any financial worries, SECURE is developed to be sold in hospitals for the improvement of scalp.

Products available in hair loss specialized hospitals

Depending on scalp condition of each patient, hair loss specialized hospitals usually recommend some scalp products to use at home. The hospitals do so not because to enhance hair loss but to improve scalp conditions by using the proper products for the scalp condition of each patient.
SECURE products:

01. Minimized skin sensitizing ingredients
02. High in active ingredients that suit for each purpose
03. Having specific target indications for each product, provide a wide range of selection for the most suitable purposes
04. By suggesting products after evaluating individual characteristics, we reduced concerns about the possible side-effects.

Reviews of SECURE products

Dermatologist Ahn OO from O Clinic in Mokdong I think it is important for the patients who need treatments from hospitals or need any type of prevention from further hair loss to use products with high quality ingredients and improve their scalp conditions. I can recommend SECURE products to my patients because the products contain excellent ingredients.
Dermatologist Kim from OOO clinic in Chungla I used to avoid suggesting supplementary products to patients because it felt like burdening them. However, because SECURE products are affordable, I think they are reasonable ones to recommend.
Dermatologist Kang from OO Clinic in Ilsan As a doctor, I feel very sorry for the patients who visit my clinic too late to cure their hair loss. Those patients get easily tempted by many exaggerated advertisements for hair loss products. However, SECURE products provide customers with correct information about the limits of hair loss treatment as well as the necessity of such treatments. I really liked about this honesty.
Dermatologist Yang from OO clinic at Gangseo Scalp is like the soil for hair generation and growing. That is why the healthiness of scalp is critical for improving hair loss both indirectly and directly. In the same sense, SECURE products are good for the general people as well as hair loss patients.
Dermatologist Lee from OOO clinic in Incheon There is no perfect product for scalp. But I think SECURE products strive to enhance scalp. Even though a variety of SECURE products is not yet many, I am already looking forward the next SECURE product.
Dermatologist Kim from OO Clinic in Yeoido The best way to improve hair loss is receiving treatments in the hospitals. Majority of hair loss symptoms can get better by those cures. Just like good habits of eating gives you a healthy body, good scalp products help your scalp be healthy. This is why I recommend SECURE products.